Nichelon5 CMS

Nichelon5 CMS, a Competency Management System is built on cutting edge technology to manage the complete training lifecycle of the work force as per the GMP requirements. Comprehensive functionality, easy to manage workflows and high level of configurability are some of the key features of Nichelon5 CMS that help an Organization to plan and execute training programs in ways that suit the role and responsibility of individual team members.

Nichelon5 CMS is thoughtfully built to comprehensively cover the five activities regulating the training operations in an organization - Identifying, Planning, Executing, Evaluating and Tracking.

Nichelon5 CMS addresses all the questions with regard to Training Management:

   Who – the Individuals or Groups or Teams to be Trained

   What – the Subjects of Training must be

   How – the method or mode of Training, and Evaluation

   When – the schedules of Training Programs

   Where – the Venues are to be

   Whether – the Training is complete and appropriately Documented

Nichelon5 CMS provides comprehensive Reports and Analytics. It maintains all the records to assure full compliance to FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations on Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures, and maintains Audit Trails as required.

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