Team Nichelon


Team Nichelon

Nichelon Infotech Services Pvt. Ltd. is based out of Hyderabad, the Technology Capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, which abounds in Pharmaceutical and other Technology Companies. Nichelon is specialized in Product design, development and Product Management processes, especially for the IT solutions for much stringent Pharma operations.

An untapped niche and a global opportunity, an unfailing faith in the concept and confidence in the team were the driving factors that led to the genesis of the company called Nichelon. The identified niche was involve in development and designing of software solutions that cater to the Competency and training management in the regulatory industries such as pharmaceuticals from the House of Caliber.

Our Team has the experience and the expertise to build and manage applications under stringent regulatory norms to ensure fully compliant installations. We also believe in quick response to the Customers’ needs and in providing the right solutions to its Customers to ensure their success and satisfaction.

It also provide software validation services apart from our flagship product, and design and development of training management solutions.

It is so well said that the strength of a company comes from the commitment and execution skills of its team. Team Nichelon strongly believes that product companies grow on five fundamentals.

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