Nichelon5 CMS is built on robust Web Technology Enterprise grade application architecture. It is capable of easily meeting the needs whether the enterprise is large or small. It has a scalable architecture. It has a built-in document repositories for version controlled SOPs. It has an innovative method of mapping groups / sub groups with the corresponding training needs in the required subjects. It addresses the re-training needs also.

Nichelon5 CMS provides for preparation of Question Banks, random Question Papers, Batching, Attendance marking, On-line / Off-line Training, Objective Evaluation, Certification, Tracking, Maintaining Training History, and Costing, and also provides Reports and Analytics. It maintains all the records to assure full compliance to FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations on Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures, and maintains Audit Trails as required.

Nichelon5 CMS readily presents all the essential information for the Training Program Implementer or the other top brass, to view at a glance in the form of configurable Dashboards on the Home Screen.

Last but not the least! Since Nichelon5 CMS is designed in 100% Web Technology, it ensures a low cost ownership, and easy maintainability.

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